Reflections on Rethinking Photographers

Being a photographer is really cool. At least I would assume that is what most people would think. You are an artist but without the good for nothing connotation that is sometimes assumed with art. As bad as that statement seems I get it. A lot of being an artist is understanding yourself through your practice. Challenging your understands through your work. And realizing your ability through practice. Thats pretty selfish when your work hangs on walls with not mechanical function. Maybe with photography there is an exception because it is everywhere. We are a culture that generally communicates through images and video. Because we are, it gives the photograph a function, and the photographer

I wrote the previous paragraph with the idea that I am talking about photography as a profession. I chose the path of art. I do think photos can be artistic with any function but it must also be driven by the intent.

Changing technology has give the world a reason to be familiar with photography. Most smart phones can capture and edit photos. Current social media platforms are covered in photographs taken by patron of the app. The growth in technology has pushed me away from film. I wish this was not the case, but the clarity and convenience of storing digital media is important. As I define my self as a photographer ,I will either continue to evolve with emerging technologies or justify a point where I cannot. I see this in the way certain film photographer refuse to use digital where others naturally moved on.



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