Reflections on Methods and Strategies

I have made many creative choices with photography. The first major one was to define myself as a street photographer. Something interesting about that choice was how well it focused my intention. I see beauty everywhere, even in things not aesthetically pleasing. There is a grand equation that ties all reality together and knowing that each instant plays into that equation brings out a uniqueness. The trouble is, I cannot spend my whole life observing this beauty through a lens. Being a street photographer, I know I can allow myself to enjoy and reflect on beauty when I am not in the streets. I do not feel the need always to take a photo. There is also a deep empathy I feel when I am in the streets compared to a studio. Being behind the lens helps me cope with those emotions.

Technically I choose to shoot with a fixed lens. I did not always. After shooting with a fixed 50mm for a couple of years and then trying to use a zoom, I discovered the fixed lens was much less distracting. I believe the settings of a camera should enhance the artistic vision and not hinder it.

My primary strategy for street photography is to be in the streets. Sometimes it is scary but it’s always familiar. I have tried sleeping in the streets to feel better connected. On those nights I never even took an image just a few selfies for my recollection. There was a reality that dismantled my artistic vision.  I have become more fixated on capturing the interaction of subject and element. To me, the subject is the interaction.

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